AST 250 & 251

Course Description

The Space Physics Laboratory course provides undergraduates at all levels and from all backgrounds the opportunity to participate in a Space Physics laboratory that is actively developing NASA space flight instrumentation. Students learn alongside Professor McComas, multiple Research Scholars, Post-docs, Lead/Staff Engineers and Techs, and other students at all levels. The courses teach space physics laboratory skills, including ultrahigh vacuum, space instrument cleanroom, mechanical, electrical, and other laboratory skills, which then allow students to propose and carry out a significant group research project in the Space Physics Laboratory. The class sequence comprises two semesters with Astro 250 as a non-credit bearing course that is a prerequisite for Astro 251, which is a credit-bearing (P/F) course. This course sequence is limited to 10 students and by application only – interested students should email Dan White ([email protected]) and provide a paragraph describing their interest in the course.

Classes will be held at 171 Broadmead on Wednesday and Fridays mornings from 8:00 am to 9:45 am.

Astro 250 - Course Syllabus

Astro 251 - Course Syllabus