Andres Montoya

Undergraduate Class of 2021 - MAE
Senior Thesis


Andres Montoya graduated from the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering department as part of the class of 2021. He is from Orlando, Florida and his interests span mechanical design, structural analysis,  space system design, and computer science. On-campus, Andres served as Co-President of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers and was a Physics Tutor at the Mcgraw Center for Teaching and Learning.

Andres will be joining Boeing to work as a design engineer in Philadelphia, PA.

Senior Thesis:

Design of Princeton Space Physics ‘SWAPI’ Beam Monitor Testing Equipment (awarded John Marshall II memorial Prize, 3rd place)

For his senior thesis, Andres designed, analyzed, and manufactured an ion beam monitor for the Solar Wind and Pickup Ion Instrument (SWAPI) testing chamber. The project will facilitate a successful calibration of SWAPI in the lab, and allow for the instrument to be used as a part of the Interstellar Mapping and Acceleration Probe (IMAP) mission. Andres effectively-researched all external hardware required for the project and worked to develop and assemble a robust structural system to optimize stability and volume to support the hardware. The beam monitor system will be handed over to the Space Physics team for final integration in the chamber.