Justyna M. Sokół, Ph.D.


Ph.D., Physical Science, Space Research Centre Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland (2016)

M.S., Physics, Opole University, Opole, Poland (2010)



Justyna M. Sokół is a research scientist interested in the modulation of interstellar neutral (ISN) gas, pick-up ions (PUIs), and energetic neutral atoms (ENAs) by the solar factors inside the heliosphere. She received her M.S. in Experimental Physics at Opole University. Her Ph.D in Physical Science in the branch of Geophysics was granted by the Space Research Centre Polish Academy of Sciences. In the thesis she focused on study of modulation of H, He, Ne, and O species of ISN gas and their derivative populations (PUIs, H ENAs) in the heliosphere due to the solar activity cycle effects. She developed an empirical model of the evolution of the solar wind proton speed and density as a function of time and heliographic latitude based on in-situ measurement and the solar wind speed derived from the observations of interplanetary scintillations. She constructed an empirical and homogeneous model of photoionization rates for ISN gas species inside the heliosphere based on available solar EUV flux measurements and the solar EUV proxy data. She developed a system to calculate the ionization losses for ISN H, He, Ne, and O inside the heliosphere with the use of the models mentioned. The ionization losses assessments were next implement to the study of the primary and secondary populations of ISN gas observed by IBEX, Ulysses, and PUIs by New Horizons, Voyagers, ACE. She constructed the system to assess the ionization rates for the H ENAs observed by IBEX and ASPERA, which were next used in the study of the H ENA survival probabilities.

Research Interests

Justyna M. Sokół visited Princeton on a 12-month fellowship with the Bekker Program by the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA) to work with the Space Physics Group on the project: “Solar Cycle Modulation Of Pickup Ions And Energetic Neutral Atoms Throughout The Heliosphere.”



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