Lydia Rojek

Operations and Compliance Manager, Space Physics
171 Broadmead, 202

Lydia holds a B.S. in Industrial Engineering with credits earned for Project Management Certificate from NJIT.  Her professional experience spans multiple industries, including manufacturing, education, grants, and finance.
As an engineer at RCA, General Electric, Martin Marrietta, and Lockheed Martin, all located in Moorestown, NJ, Lydia has over 20 years experience as a Project Manager in multiple projects for the Department of the Navy's AEGIS Radar and Surveillance Systems, SPY-1A and SPY-1B.
At Princeton University’s Space Physics Group, she is the Operations and Compliance Manager for the Solar Wind and Pickup Ion (SWAPI) spaceflight science instrument for NASA’s Interstellar Mapping and Acceleration Probe (IMAP), which is scheduled to launch in 2025.