Osvaldo Flores

Undergraduate Class of 2025 - MAE
Summer Research Project
171 Broadmead, 200-M


I am a junior in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE) with a keen interest in pursuing a minor in Robotics & Intelligent Life Systems.

I am actively involved in the Space Physics laboratory, working under the guidance of Dr. McComas and Dr. Rankin. My primary focus is formulating a repeatable and reliable experiment to test the limiting pressure thresholds of ultra-thin carbon foils. Through meticulous data collection and trial runs the intended outcome of this experiment is to provide the lab team with a high level of confidence in the carbon foils' levels of resistance to extensive damage during the purging of the SWAPI instrument before flight. In addition to my ongoing research, I am also engaged in an intriguing new project involving acoustic experimental testing of ultra-thin carbon foils. This project, designed to be both educational and enjoyable, involves subjecting the foils to various musical frequencies to assess their durability under such conditions.
Beyond my academic pursuits, I have a diverse range of hobbies that I am passionate about. These include breakdancing, dancing, weightlifting, basketball, and dedicated training to improve my dunking skills.

Summer Research Project 2023