Parisa Mostafavi, Ph.D


Ph.D., Space Science, University of Alabama in Huntsville (2019)

M.S., Space Science, University of Alabama in Huntsville (2017)

M.S., Plasma Engineering, Shahid Beheshti University (2013)

B.S., Engineering Physics, Science and Research University (2009)



Parisa Mostafavi is a Post Doctoral fellow interested in investigating the structure and properties of the solar wind plasma.  She was awarded her Ph.D in space Science, granted by the NASA Earth and Space Sciences Graduate Research Fellowship, at the University of Alabama in Huntsville.  Her thesis work focused on shock waves mediated by energetic particles.  She developed a theoretical model and a numerical code to investigate the structure of the shock waves in the presence of the energetic particles in the heliosphere and the very local interstellar medium (VLISM).  Parisa has also worked on investigating the role of pickup ions (PUIs) at the heliospheric termination shock, the inner heliosheath, and the VLISM as a way to better understand the interaction of the heliosphere with the VLISM.  She was a Visiting Student Research collaborator at Princeton University and worked with the Space Physics group during the last year of her Ph.D.  She won the Graduate Research Award in the UAH college of Science in 2019.

Parisa is now a Post Doctoral fellow at the John Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory.  She currently works on modeling the inner heliosphere using the Parker Solar Probe data.