Tejaswita Sharma, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Research Associate
Office Phone
171 Broadmead, 200-F

Ph.D., Physics, University of New Hampshire

M.S., Physics, University of New Hampshire

B.Tech., Physical Sciences, Indian Institute of Space Science & Technology India



Tejaswita Sharma is a postdoctoral researcher interested in innovative technology and instrumentation development for studies in Space Physics.  Her thesis work at the University of New Hampshire focused on building and flying a balloon-borne advanced Compton Telescope prototype (ASCOT). She has laboratory experience working with nanosecond timing, solid-state photon measurements, silicon photomultiplier, and field experience in integrating and testing complex systems for a scientific balloon campaign. She has also performed multi-dimensional data analysis involving background reduction techniques for cosmic rays and gamma-ray spectroscopy. Before pursuing her Ph.D., she worked at the Indian Space Research Organization, where she studied the diagnostic parameters of the solar corona and was involved in analyzing data from both ground-based eclipse observations and space-based solar missions corroborate the payload research study for an upcoming solar mission. At Princeton, she will be working on testing and developing the Solar Wind and Pickup Ion (SWAPI)
an instrument for the IMAP mission, along with analyzing energetic particle data from Parker Solar Probe.