George Livadiotis

Statistical Mechanics & Thermodynamics:
1.    Livadiotis, G. (2019), “Rankine-Hugoniot shock conditions for space and astrophysical plasmas described by kappa distributions”, Astrophys. J., 886, 3 (10pp)
[Derivation of the Rankine-Hugoniot shock conditions for plasmas described by kappa distributions]
2.    Livadiotis, G. (2018), “Thermal Doppler broadening of spectral emissions by space plasma particles”, Astrophys J Suppl Ser., 239, 25 (21pp).
[Derivation of the Thermal Doppler broadening in plasmas described by kappa distributions]
3.    Livadiotis, G. (2018), Thermodynamic origin of kappa distributions, Europhys. Lett., 122, 50001, (8pp).
[Connection with thermodynamics. In News:]
4.    Livadiotis, G., Desai, M.I., & Wilson III, L.B. (2018), “Generation of kappa distributions in solar wind at 1 AU”, Astrophys J, 853, 142 (15pp).
[Characterization of the known mechanisms responsible for generating kappa distributions in plasmas]
5.    Livadiotis, G. (2017), Kappa distributions: Theory and applications in plasmas, (Ed: Livadiotis, G., Elsevier, Netherlands, UK, USA), ISBN: 9780128046395 (eBook), 9780128046388 (Paperback).
[1st book on the theory and applications of kappa distributions, that is, the statistical mechanics of plasmas:…]
6.    Livadiotis, G. (2015), Statistical background and properties of kappa distributions in space plasmas, J Geophys Res, 120, 1607–1619, pp13.
[Clarifications on the connection of kappa distributions to statistical mechanics.]
7.    Livadiotis, G. (2015), Kappa distribution in the presence of potential energy, J Geophys Res, 120, 880-903.
[First systematic development of phase-space kappa distributions for particles with potential energy.]
8.    Livadiotis, G., & McComas, D.J. (2013), Understanding kappa distributions: A toolbox for space science and astrophysics, Space Sci Rev, 75, 183–214, pp32.
[Toolbox of kappa distributions. 3rd most downloaded paper of the journal ever, 1000 downloads in 2 years.]
9.    Livadiotis, G., & McComas, D. J. (2011), Invariant kappa distribution in space plasmas out of equilibrium, Astrophys J, 741, 88, pp28.
[First connection of kappa distributions with correlations and development of the multiparticle kappa distribution.]
10.    Livadiotis, G., & McComas, D.J. (2009), Beyond kappa distributions: Exploiting Tsallis statistical mechanics in space plasmas, J Geophys Res, 114, A11105, pp22.
[Connects kappa distributions to Statistical Mechanics. Most downloaded & cited paper of this journal in 2010.]

Space Plasma Physics (Theory & Processes:
11.    Livadiotis, G. (2021), “Radial profile of the polytropic index of solar wind plasma in the heliosphere”, ResNotes AAS, 5, 4.
[Connection of all measurements of polytropic indices throughout the heliosphere]
12.    Livadiotis, G. (2019), “Turbulent heating in solar wind thermodynamics”, Astrophys. J., 887, 117 (10pp).
[Connection of the turbulent heating with the quantization constant for plasmas, ћ*]
13.    Livadiotis, G, (2019),“On the generalized formulation of Debye shielding in plasmas”, Phys Plasmas, 26, 050701(6pp).
[The Debye length dependence on the polytropic index.]
14.    Livadiotis, G. (2019), On the origin of polytropic behavior in space and astrophysical plasmas, Astr J. 874, 10 (8pp).
[The polytropic behavior of plasmas is equivalent to the formalism of kappa distributions.]
15.    Livadiotis, G. (2016), Superposition of polytropa in the inner heliosheath, Astrophys J Suppl. Ser. 223, 13, pp13.
[Generalization of the state equation and Bernoulliʼs integral in plasmas via superposition of polytropes.]
16.    Livadiotis, G., & McComas, D. J. (2014), Electrostatic shielding in plasmas and the physical meaning of the Debye length, J Plasma Phys, 80, 341-378, pp38.
[Definitions and interpretations of Debye length in plasmas.]
17.    Livadiotis, G., & McComas, D.J. (2013), Evidence of large scale phase space quantization in plasmas, Entropy, 15, 1118-1132, (15pp).
[Discovery of a new quantization constant, ћ*, characterizing space plasmas. In nature news:]
18.    Livadiotis, G., McComas, D. J., Schwadron, N. A., Funsten, H. O., & Fuselier, S. A. (2013), Pressure of the proton plasma in the inner heliosheath, Astrophys J, 762, 134, pp19.
[First measurement of the density and thermal pressure of the outer heliosphere]
19.    Livadiotis, G., McComas, D.J, Dayeh, M.A., Funsten, H.O., & Schwadron, N.A. (2011), First sky map of the inner heliosheath temperature using IBEX spectra, Astrophys J, 734, 1 (19pp).
[First measurement of the temperature of the outer heliosphere]

Nonlinear Dynamics:
20.    Livadiotis, G. (2020), “Statistical analysis of the impact of environmental temperature on the exponential growth rate of cases infected by COVID-19”, PLOS ONE, 15, e0233875 (21pp).
[Show strong dependence of infected cases to temperature, and the existence of a critical temperature above of which infected cases vanish]
21.    Livadiotis, G., Assas., L., Dennis, B., Elaydi, S., & Kwessi, E. (2016), Kappa function as a unifying framework for discrete population modeling, Nat Res Mod, 29, 130–144, pp15.
[First connection of biological species dynamics with kappa distributions and their statistical framework]
22.    Livadiotis, G., & Elaydi S. (2012), General Allee effect in two-species population biology, J Biol Dyn, 6, 959, (15pp).
[First study of two species Allee effect]